20 sept. 2012


here's some breaking news:  EMPTY-EYED PEOPLE ARE LIVING AMONG US
and they scare the hell out of me
beware of them. they're contagious.
no, im not refering to zombies that eat brains and that stuff, which, are probably more terrifying
(we'll discuss that some other day) 
but i am talking about another kind of the living dead 
how to recognize them? 
ask this creature about life, about wishes or hopes
afterwards, stare at their eyes for 2 to 4 minutes.
(if , they stopped talking - the worst cases of emptyeyedness cause lobotomy of the part of the brain that controls the ability to dream and talk about it- please, stop staring)

during this minutes if you observe any of the following symptoms, nod, smile and get away quickly or you run the risk to be swallowed: 

- vague words about traveling and someday winning the lottery, with no specifics

- opaque eyes
- eyebrows curved towards the forehead 
- minimum expressiveness 
- total lack of enthusiasm   
- body position as if shrinking

researchers are trying to find the cause for this disease which 
apparently comes from the partial or total loss of what they call "THE SPARK" 
referring to that light in the eyes that indicates there's a lively soul inside a body. 
it can come from external or internal circumstances. 

normally it's not mortal, and it can be cured 
if early diagnosed and treated correctly. 
the longer it takes to treat it, the harder to cure. 

so please now, look in the mirror, and examine your eyes. 
Did you lose your  spark? 

*not to be confused with just sadness, depression or simple dislike of the subject of study for the staring person

hoy sólo english. sorry. TRADUCIR AQUI:

-pop pins-


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